Constellation Cetus

The Mythology of Cetus

Cetus, the whale or sea monster, was a minion of Poseidon, the god of the oceans. One day Poseidon was angered by Cassiopeia, the mother of Andromeda, for boasting of her daughter’s beauty and claiming it to be greater than Poseidon’s minions, the Neried. Angered by this, Poseidon sent Cetus to attack Cassiopeia’s kingdom of Ethiopia. Afraid, Cassiopiea offered her daughter to the monster by chaining her to a rock. Hearing of this, Perseus used Medusa’s head to turn Cetus to stone while freeing Andromeda from her chains. Upon his death, Cetus was placed in the stars as a reminder of Perseus’ bravery but also to warn people against anger or jealousy.

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