Globe at Night Regional Map Generator

This map application allows you to map Globe at Night data points within a distance you specify around a city or an area of your choice. The resulting maps are bookmarkable and shareable.

You can also download a CSV file of those data points that can be opened in Excel, or other spreadsheet. Find the download link in the generated map’s Legend.

Input map center

The application asks first for the center of the map, which can be simply a city name or a common place name, or as specific as a mailing address or a latitude and longitude (in decimal degrees). Note: the map will plot up to 4000 data points.

Type the location of the map center into the text box and click Map It!


Provide a radius

Provide a radius (in km) to define the area around the center of the map within which you want to show data points.

Data Year

Choose the year in which the data set was taken from the pull down menu. There is a data set for every year since 2006.

Generate the map

The map is now ready to be made. Click “Generate Map”.