Globe at Night offers a “Call to Action” for those who want to take more measurements during the campaigns. Children and adults can “Adopt a Street” in their town to take visual sky-brightness measurements during the Globe at Night campaigns. The aim is for people to adopt a different major or semi-major street and take measurements every mile or so (1-2 km) for the length of the street (or for as long as they can). The grid of measurements will canvas the town, allowing for research later in comparison to wildlife, health, energy consumption and cost, among other things.

Below, type your email address into the box next to the street you are adopting here in Gallatin Valley. Click the Submit button and you will be signed up. Your email address will not be shared on this site or with any other parties. Once a street has been signed up for, it will be stamped “ADOPTED.” Once you have signed up for a particular road:

  1. Try to measure sky brightness every mile along the road you chose.

  2. To measure sky brightness, check for the constellation of the month to observe. For instance, the Globe at Night campaigns from March 27 through April 5 and April 25 through May 4, 2019 use Leo. For those campaigns, observe Leo and match what you see to the charts online for Leo. Make sure to record the chart selected, your location, date, time and cloud cover. Location can be the street address or intersection at which you take the measurement, even though latitude and longitude are preferred.

  3. If you have a Sky Quality Meter (SQM) available, you may also use an SQM to measure sky brightness. To use an SQM, be as far away (as possible) from a light or structure as it is high. Hold the SQM at arms length straight up above your head. Press the start button once. Record the number on the meter. (SQM instructions)

  4. Submit your measurements via the report page or web app. If you have a smart phone or tablet, you can submit your measurements as you take them. (Your latitude, longitude, date and time are automatically recorded by the smart phone or tablet.)

  5. Try to do the entire length of the street as specified (typically 7 miles plus or minus 2 miles).

  6. If you want more information or training on how to use the chart or app when measuring sky brightness, join us at the Bozeman Public Library on March 30th at 4:00 p.m. in the small meeting room


STREETS IN Bozeman for the Globe at Night "Adopt a Street" program 2019

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